Seychelles Sailing   

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3 Sample Seychelles Sailing Packages
Take the virtual tour of The Wharf Mahe
1 Night
from €250 B & B
per couple/room
Take the virtual tour of Le Relax Village Mahe
1 Night
from €83 B & B
per couple/room
Take the virtual tour of Fairyland Mahe
1 Night
from €125 B & B
per couple/room

Seychelles Sailing
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Since the 9th century, when intrepid Arab seafarers first sailed the then uncharted waters off the east coast of Africa, rs have been visited by a succession of sailors under a host of different flags. Phoenician traders, Polynesian adventurers, a Chinese flotilla and ... more

Seychelles Sailing Tips
It seems Seychelles was deliberately designed for the recreational sailor. With most islands lying outside the cyclone belt, Seychelles offers year round sailing in calm waters. There is no better way to enjoy ... more
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Rocky Seychelles beach with clear blue skies The Seychelles archipelago lies between 4° and 10° south of the Equator in the Indian Ocean and comprises 1,400,000 square km of azure ocean with 115 pristine islands that fall into 2 distinct groups, the Inner and Outer Islands and that lie for the most part, outside the cyclone belt.

Sailing ship on clear blue Seychelles waters The Inner Islands consist of 41 granitic islands that form a cluster around the principal islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, some with peaks rising nearly 1,000m high. Interestingly, there are also 2 low-lying coral islands, namely Denis Island and Bird Island within the Inner Islands.

The remaining 72 low-lying coral islands are known as the Outer Islands and extend mainly in a... more

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime sailing the Seychelles' Inner Islands, where safe moorings and easy sailing distances will open up a world of diversity and breathtaking natural beauty to be explored the way it was intended…under sail.

Sailing yacht on the clear blue seas of the Seychelles Cruise the waters around magical Mahé, Seychelles' largest island and home to the main port and capital, Victoria. The island offers memorable sailing opportunities with 44 miles of scenic coastline that features safe anchorages, over 65 beaches and a host of secret coves and romantic hideaways. These are areas of ocean passages, grass roots navigation and map making in the time honoured method of laying off and sounding by tender.

Some 130 miles southwest of Mahé, the Amirantes is the nearest grouping of Outer Islands to the main granite cluster of the Inner Islands. This dazzling chain of coral isles was first discovered and given their name by Admiral Vasco de Gama on his second voyage to India.

Sailing yachts in Seychelles harbour

The Amirantes lends itself well to cruising, with each of its islands - from Marie-Louise and Desnoeufs to the fine resort island of Desroches, or the isle of d'Arros with its magnificent lagoon and the twin isles that make up Poivre - being only some 4 hours sailing from the next. Fishing en route is excellent and the snorkelling and diving are unrivalled, especially around the St Joseph atoll and off the walls of Desroches.

Some 50 miles southwest of Desnouefs resides Alphonse, which boasts some of the most spectacular diving, fishing and sailing opportunities in Seychelles, as well as a resort. Its lagoon is home to teeming wildlife and the majestic isles of Bijoutier and... more