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Seychelles weather
The Seychelles are situated between 4° and 5° South in the Indian Ocean and have a pleasant tropical maritime climate. Mahé is the largest island and has hills rising to 900m / 3,000ft - the other islands are generally low-lying. The islands of the Seychelles are about 1,300km / 800mls from the coast of East Africa. The lush green vegetation is a result of these climatic conditions so depending on the altitude, the amount of rainfall varies but it is generally higher on the southern sides of the islands - these areas are more exposed to the dominant south-east trade winds. The wettest months are November to March when it rains a lot with sudden downpours that are over very quickly (as always in the tropics). Tropical cyclones rarely, if ever, affect The Seychelles.
The sun shines on average seven hours a day and the days are about the same length - eleven to twelve hours. Western visitors will be amazed how fast darkness falls and quickly the day appears. Regular sea breezes during the daytime moderate the combination of high temperatures and high humidity. Temperatures vary only 2 degrees throughout the year between approx. 24° and 26°.
The Jetty, La Digue

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