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Create a lifetime of sublime memories when you choose your Seychelles Anniversary Package from our Silver Collection of Seychelles‘ Islands accommodations. Each property has its own unique features enabling us to help you to express your individuality and personality, ensuring your Anniversary will be the most romantic imaginable. Your own tailor-made experience‘s benefiting from our experiences.

A remote 5 star desert island resort hotel, Denis Island is the place to celebrate your wedding anniversary in Seychelles. An atmosphere of romanticism that will remind you of the vows you took on your wedding day - when love is in the air. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity, a magnificent wine cellar, PADI diving or big game fishing - there is something for everyones' tastes.
Denis Island Lodge, Denis Island
The Seychelles Hilton is an exclusive Hilton Hotel secreted away on the Seychelles island of Mahe. With luxurious Villas nestled amongst the hillside and the beach coves to the east of Beau Vallon Bay, Seychelles Hilton is ideally situated to give you the most memorable Special Anniversary celebrations you could wish for - privacy and luxury in the Indian Ocean.
Hilton Northolme, Mahe Island

Island Hopping: For your Anniversary holiday in Seychelles why not let us create a more memorable occasion by including stays on other Seychelles Islands. We can combine all categories of accommodation and transfers to maximise your budget and memories.

Call or email Marsha or David and discuss how your Seychelles Anniversary Holidaydreams can become a lifetime memory.