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Internet based, myMAPof... is an interactive mapping solution for the travel, tourism, business and recreational market places; myMAPof... offers a compelling, stimulating and visually exciting travel experience for the Business Traveller, the Holiday Traveller and the Armchair Traveller alike. 360º Virtual Tours for all!

The myMAPof... innovation is the combination of three exciting new technologies – immersive 360° rotographs; interactive maps and a revolutionary “ZOOMABLE” technology plus location specific advertising!

Whether its Manchester or Majorca; Beijing or Birmingham, myMAPof... enables the potential traveller not only to interact visually with where he or she is going BUT ALSO to be exposed to location specific amenities and advertising.

Remember the scenario of the traditional Football Fixture advertising sheet on the local Fish & Chip Shop wall, we replaced the still photographs with exceptionally high quality immersive rotographs and then we... webified it!

myMAPof... offers the traveller the freedom to navigate and travel through a map to a chosen spot. By clicking that location, a rotograph specific to that scene is displayed, enabling full 360/360 panoramic vision. The concept works equally well with anything from a Mini Virtual Tour of small specialist venues through to complete Virtual Tours of whole countries.

Each myMAPof... page has the potential to carry hundreds of linked maps and an almost infinite number of 360° rotographs, each carrying its own page of highly targeted advertising.
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