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Acquiring Virtual Tours
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Acquiring Virtual Tours

myMAPof... have a highly specialised in-house team of professional rotographers all of whom are passionately dedicated to composing and capturing rotographic images of exceptional quality.

We don't just capture and publish rotographs, we go a whole lot further to ensure that our images exceed your highest expectations. Each and every image is hand finished for content and colour balance by our own in-house team. This guarantees that when we offer the rotograph to you, it will be the perfect enhancement to your web site or CD ROM Virtual Tour.

Stock Library (Rental)
Our full library of Stock Rotographs and Interactive Maps are available to you on a rental basis and because we are spreading the cost of this collective expertise, you get the full benefit of world class rotographs at a nominal cost.

We look to recover our initial investment over a much longer period and over several clients hence you have the opportunity to take advantage of our skills at a fraction of their actual cost. You get the opportunity to acquire some of the finest 360 rotographs and Interactive Maps in the world for a very nominal outlay!

Custom Rotographs (Purchase)
This same team is available to respond to bespoke assignments on a worldwide basis Beijing or Birmingham; Manchester or Majorca its all the same to us. Once the rotographs are received back in the studios (via the email) in their "raw" state, the in-house team swings into action and applies its skills to correct any imperfections to ensure that we have a product of the highest calibre.

For complete details of services and costs of relating to the acquisition of rotographs.

Please contact "the myMAPof... team"

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For complete details of service and costs relating to the acquisition of Rotographs, Virtual Tours and Interactive Maps, please contact the





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