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Denis Island lies north of the main cluster of Seychelles Islands on the very edge of a coral reef just a few miles away from the Seychelles mid-ocean platform that dips deep into a yawning two kilometre deep abyss. This centre for eco tourism is just a short thirty minute journey from Mahe via a small Air Seychelles plane or a little longer by boat, will bring you to this island of unbelievable natural beauty and tranquility.

Denis Island is a dream desert island. It is perfect for either lazing in the sun, exploring the lush green wooded hinterland of this desert island nature reserve - where giant tortoise can be seen to be freely wandering or observing the many rare and endangered species that are unique to the Seychelles and Denis Island in particular.

Holding five world records for dog tooth tuna fish,. this area is a delight for enthusiasts looking to catch marlin, barracudas, dorados, bonitos and sail-fish. The waters around Denis Island Seychelles waters are well known by fishermen from all over the world as a paradise for deep sea fishing.

There are also less demanding aspects of the island which is also home to a small luxurious five star resort with swimming, tennis, windsurfing, golf and sailing all being available. A PADI diving course school with qualified instructors offers all levels of scuba diving tuition.
It is though, that as a nature reserve that Denis Island perhaps has its long term aspirations thus ensuring its future by embracing the very essence of eco tourism

Denis Island - Culture and History

Discovered in 1773 by Commander Denis de Trobriant, Denis Island, became the focus of a thriving coconut production industry for nearly 100 years, but when copra prices collapsed in the 1950's the plantation fell into disuse. However there still exists a small village in which stands one of the archipeligo's oldest monuments - a metal framed lighthouse built in 1910 which still marks the islands position to this very day. The village, together with its grass landing strip, serves as the hub for this eco tourism business and is home for the staff who work at the nearby 5star Denis Island Resort.

Denis Island - Flora and Fauna

This green coral island is home to many rare and endangered species offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy a tropical island nature reserve escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Inland from its pristine beaches, lies a forest densely populated with centuries-old casuarinas and giant tropical almond trees. Denis Island Resort actively encourage the exploration of the Flora and Fauna of the islands by guests and retain the services of a full time conservation team - one of the best examples of a balanced eco tourism environment in the world.

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