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Situated a short 4 km from Victoria, Mahé capital of Seychelles, Cerf Island is far enough away to be the ultimate secluded honeymoon in paradise location yet it is close enough not to be a tiring journey from Seychelles International Airport. In fact Cerf Island has its own helicopter landing pad that can be accessed directly from the airport in probably less than fifteen minutes, you can see on the map of Seychelles just how convenient

Situated within the Saint Anne Marine National Park, Cerf Island offers outstanding swimming and snorkelling opportunities where you can swim with tropical fish by the shoal. Combine this with some stunning beaches and high standard, secluded accommodation and you can see why it is one of the most highly rated honeymoon locations in the Seychelles. Cerf Island has a (very) small population that generally commutes to Victoria daily.

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Cerf Island - Culture and History

Cerf Island is the second largest in the Saint Anne group, it earned its name from the frigate Cerf that visited the island in 1756 to take formal possession of the island in the name of France. It reaches a summit of 106 metres (see Virtual Tour of Cerf Island in drop down menu) which forms the helipad for Cerf Island Resort from where you have commanding views over the anchorage at Victoria, Mahé and the adjacent island of Saint Anne and Anonyme. Cerf Island was for this very reason always regarded as the most suitable island for fortification.

Cerf Island also boasts a small Art Gallery run by Antoine and Bernadette Gardner but as can be seen in our Virtual Tour of Cerf Island Art Gallery they were still (August 2005) recovering from the tidal surge created by the Asian Tsunami of Christmas 2004.

Today Cerf Island is a popular place for a weekend picnic for locals because of its long fine sandy beaches as can be seen in the accompanying Virtual Tour of Cerf Island, Seychelles.

Cerf Island - Flora and Fauna

Cerf Island once had a thriving coconut industry, the remnants of which are still evident in the form of lush coconut groves. Many exotic shrubs adorn the Cerf Island, a romantic island that is adorned with lush vegetation, giant land tortoises and flying foxes.

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